5 Reasons Casey Anthony Would Make an Awesome Lawyer

casey anthonyWhere in the world is Casey Anthony? No one's really sure, and the people in her closest circle, like her defense team, aren't saying. But one of her lawyers did recently tell local Tampa news that the "most hunted woman in America" seems very sure of the line of work she'd like to get into. Cheney Mason said, "She's very smart. She told me, 'When I get out, I want to be a lawyer. When I get out, I want to work in your office.'" Oh MAN! Really?!

Mason admits that her goal is "not realistic with the record she has now," but he does want her to do "what she wants to do ... she's young." Well, he does make a very interesting point. Casey is only 25, and whether we like it or not, it doesn't seem like she's going to be spending the rest of her life behind bars. So what should she do?


I honestly cannot think of any job that would be suitable for someone everyone thinks is a murderer ...  EXCEPT maybe someone who "lies for a living," like an especially skeezy lawyer or politician. Maybe it's a perfect fit!?

Here, five reasons Casey would make an awesome lawyer ...

  1. Mason says that Casey is "very sharp" and read nearly all of the 28,000 documents throughout the trial. Interesting! You know, psychotic tendencies can present themselves in OCD or anal retentive ways, and said crazy person could be especially detail-oriented. Now, that's a useful skill when you're trying to sort through numerous depositions!
  2. No one except maybe O.J. Simpson knows how to navigate a media circus like Casey. With all the experience she's acquired, she could totally outsmart even the most aggressive paparazzo for her clients!
  3. Experts say she's a "pathological liar." But even if you debate that, at the very least, you have to admit she seems to know how to twist the truth, exaggerate, or create a red herring. These are all rhetorical tactics frequently employed by lawyers (and politicians)!
  4. After having a taste of "success," given her acquittal and release from jail, it's not strange to think she might want to feel that rush of "winning" -- or perhaps "beating the system"? -- again for a client.
  5. Just a psychoanalytic take: Maybe helping someone who is in her shoes in the future win a trial would make her feel better about herself.

But, in all seriousness, decent, innocent people who are graduating from law school aren't finding jobs as lawyers. So, with hope, when it comes to Casey becoming a lawyer, I think the only chance is in hell.

What do you think about Casey Anthony's aspiration?

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