Casey Anthony Dunk Tank Is Tackiest Thing America Has Ever Done

casey anthony dunk tank

I was just as shocked as the next guy when Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her daughter, Caylee. And I was downright grossed out when I heard that "admirers" of hers were actually filling her bank account with money. But a Casey Anthony dunk tank is where I have to draw the line.

The attraction at the Kentucky fair features a Casey Anthony impersonator (who actually looks more like a Teresa Giudice impersonator) taunting passersby, trying to get them to "dunk her" via hitting a "Guilty" or "Innocent" target. God only know what she's saying.


You really never seem to out-crass yourself, America. Whether it's selling 9-11 belts on the side of the road a week after it happened or creating an elaborate theme park-like game based on a child murderer, nobody does tacky like you.

According to a fair management spokesperson, "It's just a fun way of people expressing their feelings, done in a fun atmosphere." In other words, it's a fun way to make money. I would love to have been a part of that brainstorming session. A bunch of fair folk, sitting around, exhausted after hours of futile ideas. One dude stands with his hand on the wall and his back to the crowd. Suddenly, he gets his stroke of genius. He turns around. "I've got it. A Casey Anthony dunk tank." A slow clap emerges from one of the other workers, followed by celebratory drinks at Applebee's. Gross.

Last time I checked, fairs were supposed to be fun. And aren't they primarily meant for children (who, P.S., shouldn't even know who Casey Anthony is)? Having a giant photo of Anthony in the middle of the grounds is not only the opposite of fun, it's sure to invoke questions from kids. "Who's that lady, Mommy?"

As much as I'm against Casey Anthony, this game is a giant fail. A fail for the fair. A fail for America. A fail for humanity.

What do you think of the Casey Anthony dunk tank?


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