Celebs React to Rupert Murdoch Scandal on Twitter

George Michael TwitterThe British Parliament committee charged with deposing media mogul Rupert Murdoch and son James Murdoch today may have banned tweeting from inside its chambers. But in a world where the Murdochs' employees had the technology to hack into people's cellphones -- the reason behind the Murdochs' current legal troubles -- it's clear there are no limits on the bounds of digital conversation. You could stick with the BBC's live coverage of the event as it gives way to punditry, or you can get a sense of what the real world thinks of this debacle:


Piers Morgan, once editor of News of the World, has kept up a steady show of support for his former boss on Twitter today (after backing him up on his CNN show last night). Tweets like this make it pretty clear where he stands:

Strong finish by Rupert. Love him or hate him, does anyone genuinely think he's a crook or condoned crime? Because I don't. #Murdoch

Well, do you?

Michelle Malkin, conservative mom blogger and contributor on the Murdoch-owned Fox News Channel, chided MSNBC today on focusing not on Murdoch's alleged transgressions but on judging his marriage:

Seriously. MSNBC is complaining that Wendi Murdoch was sitting TOO CLOSE to her husband and distracting viewers?!

Point taken, Michelle, point taken.

Keith Olbermann can always be counted on to take the Murdoch family down a peg or two, and today's no different. How about a history lesson from the Current TV host?

Nice that Rupert just defended his "family company" by noting his father's great reporting of Gallipoli. Unfortunately that was in 1915-16.

What's a century among friends?

Big Boi, one half of rap group Outkast, proves that the music industry is watching the Murdochs too:

#yup WOW!!!!!! --->RT @cnnbrk: #Phone-hacking whistle-blower found dead on.cnn.com/ov5Ppz

Simple, but it pretty much sums it up for all of us.

George Michael may have had his own troubles with the law, but the singer wasn't afraid to cast stones at James Murdoch:

It must be great to be so close to your own father that he can use u as a human shield. Dad of the year....


Margaret Atwood, Canadian novelist and poet, offered the rare bit of levity in the depressing scandal:

Thanks to all for replies re: phone security. We need to know these things now, it seems. Not that anyone cares about my dentist appts...

Good to know she's keeping her hygiene up!

How have you been keeping up with the Murdoch news as it unfolds?

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