Loyal Chihuahua Attacks Armed Robbers to Protect Owners (VIDEO)

paco the chihuahuaLooking for a guard dog? Skip the Pit Bulls and Rottweilers -- Chihuahuas are just as tough, and they eat a lot less. Proof: Paco the Chihuahua, weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds, managed to chase two armed robbers away from a Southern California store ... all the way across the street!

The crooks still got some cash, but they would have snagged a lot more if Paco hadn't gone into attack mode and foiled their dastardly plan. That's just the kind of dog Paco is, apparently ... according to his owner, Paco patrols the street every day, checking in with his buddies at a nearby bar and the tobacco shop he so valiantly protected. 


Now that's the kind of loyalty you'd have to pay for in a human being. Let's say you own a store or some other type of establishment (for all I know, you actually do). Who besides a security guard or a bouncer would take it upon themselves to run down a couple of armed thugs for you? Uh, yeah ... he had a gun, so ... you got robbed.

I'm not being critical, I'm just sayin' -- canine loyalty can't be beat. Even when outnumbered by two bad guys who were each approximately 15 times bigger than he is, Paco didn't back down.

If you ask me, this dog has serious star potential. Paco deserves his own reality show -- or, at the very least, a children's book written in his honor. We haven't had a decent celebrity chihuahua since that Taco Bell dog, Gidget. Paco's catchphrase? "Size doesn't matter." (Of course!) Imagine the merchandising opportunities ...

Check out this video. Do you think Paco is a star?


Image via ABC

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