'Go Palin' Vanity License Plate Controversy Smells Fishy

vanity plateA Nevada man named James Linlor is suing the state's Department of Motor Vehicles, because they keep rejecting his requests for personalized license plates supporting Sarah Palin. Although I'll bet he ultimately just wanted to do something annoying to get his name in the newspaper (which he's accomplished and then some), he claims he just wants to tool around town with a vanity plate reading, "GOPALIN."

Annoying? Ridiculous? Make ya think this is the kind of guy who should be shipped off of the planet for being so moronic? Yes, yes, and HELL yes! But should he be allowed to have his stupid license plate? Unfortunately, as much as it pains me to admit it ... yes, he should. Why? Because despite the DMV's Special Plates Committee's statement that the man's applications were "vulgar or obscene or expressing superiority of political affiliation," they had previously approved plates that say, "GO OBAMA" and "DMOCRAT."


Sure, I'm with the committee on the fact that supporting Palin is downright obscene. But if "GO OBAMA" and "DMOCRAT" are okay, unfortunately, "GOPALIN" and "PALIN12" or "PALIN16" have to be okay, too. There's really no difference, other than the fact that the idea of the latter politician claiming any kind of position of power should make you shudder and cringe. The plate names aren't hateful or vulgar. In fact, there are some obnoxious bumper stickers out there that deserve more regulation than this!

It bears noting, however, that the Nevada DMV claims that Lindlor actually was issued his plate, but for some reason, the guy is taking legal action, citing violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments and saying he's being discriminated against for his "viewpoint." Hmmm, fishy! How much ya wanna bet Linlor's probably a Tea Partier who is hoping to make a splashy spectacle of this whole ordeal?!

I wouldn't be surprised. BUT -- if someone at the DMV really did interfere with Linlor's constitutional rights, they deserve more than a slap on the wrist. Allowing a double standard -- even with something as trivial as a vanity plate -- just makes everyone look bad.

What do you think -- do you think the guy is telling the truth? Should he be allowed to have his Palin license plate?

Image via Randy Robertson/Flickr

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