Florida Teen Murders Parents Then Throws Huge Party

tyler hadleyTyler Hadley, right, with parents Blake and Mary Jo.Some teenagers host parties at their house while their parents are out of town, but a teenager in Florida hosted a party at his house while his parents lay beaten to death by a hammer in their master bedroom. Tyler Hadley, 17, is in police custody after his parents Blake and Mary-Jo were found dead at around 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

And you thought your teen was hard to handle.


Police say that Tyler posted an invitation on Facebook around 1:30 p.m. on Saturday inviting dozens of kids over for a party at his house that night. Sometime after that, Tyler got a 22-inch framing hammer and beat his parents in their heads and torsos until they died. He then dragged them into their bedroom where he covered up their lifeless bodies with towels, files, and books.


Anyway, about 40 to 60 people came to Tyler's house for the big-bash later that night and rumors started swirling that Tyler had killed his parents. Leave it to high-schoolers to get the rumor to spread like wildfire and for someone (let's be honest, it was probably a responsible girl) to call the cops and leave an anonymous tip that there may or may not be dead parents upstairs at Tyler Hadley's house.

No one knows why Tyler may have killed his parents with a hammer, but clearly the teen was mentally disturbed. Teens do stupid stuff in order to gain popularity, to stop the parental nagging, to "impress" someone -- but killing is beyond extreme. If convicted, I wouldn't be surprised if Tyler spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital.

As the story develops, I'll be interested in learning about Tyler's motivation. The only info on him so far is that he dropped out of one high school and entered another -- nothing incriminating or too-outlandish there.

It's the way Tyler chose to kill his parents that I find most disturbing -- a hammer? So brutal, so bloody, and so painful. How was he able to kill both? There must have been a struggle ... or maybe his parents were so blindsided that after he hit one in the head, the other just stood there dumbfounded and became an easy target. A hammer seems so merciless. Why'd he do it?

He's facing two counts of second degree murder.

What do you think?

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