Casey Anthony's Release From Jail Is Just a Show

Casey Anthony releaseIf you haven't yet heard that Casey Anthony was released from jail over the weekend, it's time to crawl out from under that rock and take a big slug of fresh air. She's out alright, and no one's seen hide nor hair of her since her private plane took off from the Orlando Executive Airport into the dark sky over Florida. But make no mistake, Casey Anthony is still in prison.


A figurative prison it may be, but the 25-year-old may as well be locked away with armed guards watching her for all the fun she's going to be having in the years to come. As it stands, she has the dubious title of most hated mom in America -- more so than Octomom or Joan Crawford. People have attempted to murder women who merely resemble her, and even her own parents have refused to shield her from the death threats.

As it stands, Anthony has little money. Her much debated jail account, a small sum made up of donations from "admirers," was closed out at just over $500, enough to cover a month at a fleabag hotel perhaps, but not exactly a windfall. And with legal bills to pay and civil suits already mounting up, whatever money she stands to gain from book deals or interviews won't last long. She's going to need a job, but her chances at finding one right now are slim to none.

Since the not guilty verdict came out, I've been reading a lot of Facebook status updates and tweets from angry Americans demanding that we, the people, find some way to punish her. That we refuse to buy any books penned by Anthony (or the jurors), that we opt out on watching interviews with her. Now imagine one of those angry Americans is reading her application for her first job. How well do you think that's going to go over?

As for the Americans expecting Anthony will return to the partying ways that she enjoyed so much in the month after Caylee "disappeared," let's be realistic. Making friends of women her age is going to be a tough road, if not impossible. No mom is going to allow her around her children. And considering child-free does not mean child-hating, you might as well cut the non-breeders off her "top friends" list too.

Not to mention, no man is going to want to marry and make babies with her. If he does, if he was perhaps one of the "admirers" who kept her jail account stocked, his actions indicate just what sort of person he is -- the sort who would send money to a mom in jail on suspicions of killing her toddler in cold blood. In other words? A freak. A man who may well be as much of a risk to Casey as the citizens threatening her life in some poorly thought out (no matter how well meant) attempt to seek justice for the little girl.

Casey's only hope of a "normal" life, at this point, is plastic surgery, a new name, and a new life. And if you think that sounds glamorous, try reading a memoir by anyone who has gone into witness protection and then come back out. They've lost their families, their friends, everything they've ever known. And they live every moment in fear of being found out, fear of being tracked down.

Casey Anthony may be out of jail, but it's her very escape from a prison sentence that's hamstrung her. Outside the walls of a real prison is a figurative one.

Do you see Casey living the good life now that she's out?


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