Casey Anthony's Release Means the Witch-Hunt Is On

casey anthony releasesdCasey Anthony is now free; she was released from prison late Saturday night amid tight security, news vans, and a crowd of protesters. Officers led Anthony into a black SUV with tinted windows just after midnight. Guards wore bullet proof vets and carried rifles. Twenty uniformed policeman were in the crowd on foot, and five were mounted on horseback. Security was tight, as everyone expected.

And it had to be -- hundreds of spectators swarmed the jail yard. Some chanted "Caylee, Caylee", some carried signs asking for Anthony to burn in hell, some called for a boycott of anything the Anthony's do post-trial, and some held signs asking for Anthony's hand in marriage.


An embedded reporter in the jail said that Anthony had "tunnel vision" on that jail door that would lead her to freedom. In her bright pink polo T-shirt, jeans, and blue sneakers, Anthony was whisked away in the SUV -- the mob ran after her vehicle as it left the jail and headed down the highway.

Reports say that Anthony looked relieved and that she was possibly holding back tears.

But where is she going? No one knows, but presumably she's headed to a safe house where she'll be protected by bodyguards until the fervor over her acquittal dies down, assuming it ever will. She may get plastic surgery, may move to a random state and live like a protected witness, or she may stay in Florida, partying it up at local bars like nothing ever happened.

There are some reports that say Anthony boarded a private jet at 3am out of an Orlando airport. Rumors say she is headed for Puerto Rico.

One thing is for sure, she's not going back to her parents' house. George Anthony has said she's not welcome.

In the fifteen seconds it took for her to leave the jail and enter the getaway car, I wonder what was going through her mind. It's been three years since she's been free and her life is about to take a whole new turn. Was she thinking about staying safe? Was she thinking about where she was going? A cheeseburger and fries? Caylee?

I want Casey Anthony to remain unharmed (something about two wrongs don't make a right here) and while I'm sure she'll get protection, I can't help but wonder about her lawyers, the jurors, anyone with the last name "Anthony" ... how will those people stay safe? Is everyone just going to pile into Casey Anthony's safe house and roll out sleeping bags on the floor until America has moved on to another salacious trial?

Her trial is over, but Casey Anthony's tribulations are just getting started. Where exactly those troubles are starting though is yet to be seen. I know it's wishful thinking, but I hope no one finds out where she is, ever. Moral panic makes me nervous.

Do you want to know where Casey is headed?

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