Carmageddon? More Like False Alarmageddon

empty road The epic traffic jam called carmageddon that was supposed to occur this weekend due to the closure of part  Los Angeles' 405 freeway has yet to live up to all the hype. Everyone from the LAPD to Kim Kardashian was warning us all about the 53 hour shut-down of LA's main North to South thoroughfare, but so far, crickets. I guess they did a good enough job scaring people into staying off the roads because the reports coming in are saying that traffic is not only running smoothly, but that the roads are empty.

Bet those people who bought the $4 JetBlue tickets to essentially fly over the traffic feel a little sheepish right now standing in line for security. Especially since Angelenos on bikes are going to beat the flight from Burbank to Long Beach in the bike vs. flight race. Burn.


The bike vs. the flight race will take place today -- the route is the Burbank airport to the Long Beach Aquarium. One guy will arrive for the flight one hour early, take the plane to Long Beach and take a cab to the Aquarium finish line. The cyclists will start at Burbank airport an hour before the flight is scheduled to take off and will ride their bikes to the Aquarium. First one to the finish line wins. It's about 38 miles by bike.

The bike vs. flight is probably the coolest thing to come out of False Alarmageddon, though Adam Levine's idea for a tailgate party comes in a close second.

Don't you think it's just sooooo LA to have over-hyped carmageddon? "In a world where cars are bumper to bumper and babies die of heat exhaustion ..." I can just hear that famous movie trailer announcer warning us all about the big bad traffic jam. Listen, if you've ever driven on I-95 on a summer Friday night or Sunday night, you know a thing or two about epic back ups. LA is so wimpy.

And they hype continues, regardless of the empty streets. The police warn Angelenos to not get too complacent -- traffic could strike anytime, anywhere. Yikes.

What do you think of carmageddon?

Photo via Eryn Vorn/Flickr

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