Pregnant Woman Shouldn't Be Spared Death Penalty for Horrific Crime

ka yangYou may remember hearing that tragic story about a mother who killed her 6-week-old baby by putting her in the microwave. Ka Yang, 29, was arraigned yesterday at a California courtroom on charges of murder and felony assault that resulted in the death of a minor, but she didn't enter a plea -- her lawyer explained that the defense is still collecting evidence. Yang had 30 friends and family members there to support her, and one long-time friend shared some interesting news with the court.

Yang, who already has had three children under 7 taken away from her, who allegedly murder her baby using a microwave, is four months pregnant.


A friend of Yang's shared with the courtroom on Thursday that Yang is with child and due in about five months. And I thought this story couldn't get any sadder ... silly me. This is terrifying news.

First of all, I would imagine that Yang is under a lot of stress, which cannot be good for the baby. Second of all, she is possibly the last person on Earth who should have a baby. I don't even want to think about her holding a newborn.

But here's where things get tricky. I think we can all agree that Yang is not fit to be a mother, but that's not the baby's fault. But because of the heinous way in which she allegedly slaughtered her infant, Yang, if convicted, could face the death penalty. If the prosecution proves the murder was intentional and involved torture, Yang's life might hang in the balance.

There is no way that Yang will be tried, sentenced, and possibly killed for her crime between now and January, which is to say, if she's sentenced to death, they won't be killing a pregnant woman. However, they will be killing a mother.

A deranged mother. If she's convicted of pre-meditated murder and torture, and if she's not found somehow insane (defense may claim she didn't know what she was doing due to a seizure) then I think her children will be better off without her. Even the baby. The last thing her kids need is anyone around them sick enough to cook a baby in a microwave.

Do you think Yang's pregnancy changes the case at all?

Photo via Sacramento Police Department


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