Casey Anthony Has a Full Schedule Post Release

Casey AnthonyWow, that was fast! Less than a month after the not guilty verdict, Casey Anthony will be released on Sunday. Technically sentenced to four years in prison for lying to police, the mother of 2-year-old Caylee is having the time she spent in jail awaiting her trial credited to her.

The opportunities awaiting her are myriad -- from possible book deals to interviews, to going out and having sex and living it up just like she was in the weeks after Caylee died. But there's what she will do and what she SHOULD do after her release:


Get some birth control. Sorry, but when even your own lawyer, who is proclaiming your innocence, can't give Joy Behar an automatic "yes" on whether or not she'd allow Casey to babysit her kids, it's pretty clear she shouldn't be around kids. Especially not her own.

Call Casey Anthony. The Philadelphia dad has been wrongly targeted in recent weeks simply because he shares the same name (along with his own kid). He's been attacked on Facebook and via the phone, and he's done nothing wrong. The "real" Casey Anthony owes this man a giant apology.

Call Sammay Blackwell. The Oklahoma woman was just minding her own business when her car was rammed by a minivan. Apparently the minivan driver said she bore a striking resemblance to Casey Anthony. Yet another woman who could use an apology.

Buy a Disguise. In case the reaction to Mr. Casey Anthony and Ms. Blackwell haven't clued her in, the hate is very real in America right now. Casey is public enemy number one, and she would be wise to protect herself -- if not with plastic surgery then with glasses and a haircut.

Start Therapy. Whether she killed her daughter or not, there's a whole lot in this woman's life that's screwed up. From the fact that she didn't report her child missing for a month to the fact that her trial included allegations of incest. She's got to work through all of that.

Write Her Parents a REALLY Long Letter of Thanks. George and Cindy Anthony have been put through the wringer right along with their daughter. They lost their granddaughter, they've been suspected of being involved in her death, they've had to deal with a trial. They are the parents of the year for not writing her off and disappearing into the wild blue yonder. They deserve a HUGE thank you!

What do you think Casey will do after she's released on Sunday?

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