Inspirational Taco Bell Guy Reminds Us of Best Ways to Quit a Job (VIDEOS)

taco bell marqueeYou may not admit it, but I know you've thought about it. At some point in your life, at some stupid job, you fantasized about quitting in manner that doesn't just say, "I've found a better opportunity," but in a way that says, "F.U." That's exactly what a New York Taco Bell employee did when he left his job, via rearranging the letters on the marquee to read: "I QUIT -- ADAM, F**K YOU."

Kind of amazing, right? Apparently, Adam is the shift manager and he wouldn't give the mystery employee the Fourth of July off after he worked 22 days straight. Sounds like a douche.

So, I applaud you, Mystery Employee -- and these other fine people -- for having the balls to do what we all wished we could have done at some point.

Check out some of the greatest quitters ever. (Warning: It may give you some ideas.)


This guy wanted to go out with a bang. So he did what any person wanting to go out with a bang would do: He entered the company cafeteria with a boombox blaring the Star Wars soundtrack, ripped off his shirt, revealing the words "I Quit" painted on his chest, then head-banged to "Bohemian Rhapsody." Just another day at the office.

This dude was surprisingly calm before he walked over to the intercom of the warehouse he worked at, announced his name, said he quit, and laughed like a maniac.

Here's a guy (why are they all guys?) who wanted to pay homage to Vanilla Ice when quitting. Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it ...


These dudes quit their jobs at Borders by revealing the entire plot to Harry Potter 7 the day before it was released. The best thing about this video is the fact that the guy says in the beginning of the video, "We're about to give our two weeks." Two weeks? They were probably escorted off the premises!

Have you ever left a job in a less-than-professional manner?

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