'Pastafarian' Man's Colander Hat Should Be Treated With Respect

A man in Austria has fought for three years for the right to wear a pasta strainer on his head in his driver's license photo for "religious reasons." And as a self-proclaimed "Pastafarian" who worships the flying spaghetti monster, he is right. And it is no different than any other religion.

Niko Alm applied for his license as a Pastafarian after the country recognized confessional headgear in official photographs. His fight took three years and included a mental fitness test as well.

My question: Did anyone ever make the Jewish people wearing Yarmulkes or the Catholic Bishop's in headgear submit to a mental fitness test? People may laugh at Pastafarians and the funny colander, but it is no weirder than worshipping a dude in the sky with a long, gray beard who supposedly (or not, depending on what you believe) sent his son to "save" the people he created in his image. It sounds a bit far fetched, too.


The fact is, religion is all based on faith and belief and we mostly support the idea that everyone has the right to worship and believe as they please even when that belief (to us) sounds insane.

I have been privy to conversations among born-again Christian friends where they mock Mormons and heard Protestants mock Catholics and Jews mock Christians and 90 percent of the non-Muslim world completely misunderstands Islam.

The fact is, no one really knows who is right and who is wrong. You can be all sanctimonious and high and mighty about your beliefs, but you really are basing it all on faith. So is everyone else. A flying spaghetti monster sounds just as plausible as a burning bush or stone tablets with all the rules for humanity.

Whether you believe or don't believe, the fact is, there is no one religion more insane than the other. If you believe anything, you have to respect others' right to believe what they want, too.

Even when it sounds insane.

Do you think Pastafarianism is real?


Image via jessie_st.amand/Flickr

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