Medal of Honor Soldier's 'Daily Show' Appearance Reveals True Hero (VIDEO)

leroy petry jon stewartWords like "hero" don't even come anywhere close to describing Sergeant 1st Class Leroy Arthur Petry. Jon Stewart hit the nail on the head last night when Petry, who just received the Medal of Honor, appeared as a guest on The Daily Show. "You're Luke Skywalker, that's who you are," said Stewart.

With his robotic hand to replace the hand blown off by a grenade in Afghanistan and an affable sincerity that makes it clear this guy is never going to the Dark Side, Petry is definitely the closest we'll ever get to "Luke Skywalker" in this galaxy. What he did to receive the Medal of Honor was an incomparable act of bravery, but even more incredible was the way he told the story: Smiling, laughing, as if he were talking about, I don't know, how he fixed the lawnmower or something.


Of the moment his hand blew off, Petry said his first thought when he looked at it was "Why isn't this thing spraying [blood] in the wind like in a Hollywood movie?" (Stewart's dumbfounded reaction: "So you're somewhat disappointed that it's not as gory as you've been led to believe.")

Beyond his unbelievably casual, good-natured attitude about sustaining such a horrific injury, what really stood out about Petry was his humility: It was clear that he didn't think he'd done anything special. His men are his brothers, he said; he would never give up on his brothers. If that meant he had to apply his own tourniquet after losing his right hand (oh yeah, AND being shot in both legs) and go on to complete the mission, well, that's just what he had to do. No big deal.

Today I told my 5-year-old son (and Star Wars fanatic) that Jedi knights really do exist, and Leroy Petry is one of them.

May the force be with him.

What's your reaction to Petry's interview on The Daily Show?

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