Man Receives Love Letter 53 Years Too Late

love letterEveryone knows sending a letter by snail mail isn't the quickest way to communicate these days, but this is completely ridiculous: A man in Indianapolis received a love letter signed "Love Forever, Vonnie" and postmarked Feb. 20, 1958 -- that's 53 years after it was originally sent. The letter was intended for a Pennsylvania college student named Clark C. Moore; but because Moore changed his name (he now goes by Muhammad Siddeeq), it took university officials more than five decades to locate him.

So who is this "Vonnie" and did she and Siddeeq love each other forever?


Sadly, no. According to Siddeeq, the pair married after high school and had four children together but then eventually divorced. Despite the spilt, however, there's something really beautiful -- albeit bittersweet -- about receiving a token of the mother of your children's affection from so long ago. Even if you've moved on from the relationship, as Siddeeq says he has, it's a lovely reminder of love that once was. And, he admitted he's anxious to read a bit of his history and share it with his children.

But is he pissed the mail system took so long to get him his letter? Hardly, he explains:

I'm not sure how it got missed, but this is really exciting and interesting that a letter would maintain itself 53 years later," he said. "It's beautiful that we have a system here in America that if something is for you and they find it, it gets to you. That's beautiful.

You've got to love this guy's attitude. I, for one, would be PISSED.

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