Sons Kill Mom Over Yahtzee Game

yahtzee game

News reports from Minnesota would have you believe that three sons allegedly strangled their mother to death on Christmas day simply because she wanted to play a game of Yahtzee and they didn't. I think we're smart enough to know that's not the whole story.

Dylan C. Clemens and his half-brothers, Andrew and Jacob Cobb, initially told police back in December that their mother wanted to play the dice game after the three of them returned from Christmas dinner at a friend's: When they refused, she got mad, stormed out of the house, and disappeared.

Now, evidence has been found linking the brothers to the murder, and they're facing criminal charges. But police still believe the infamous Yahtzee game is at the center of the awful event. And, something's just not adding up ...


Obviously, there are many holes to this story that have yet to be filled in -- namely, the sons' motive for the killing. While a dispute over the game may have escalated into a violent argument, there's no way it alone could cause them to strangle their mother, hide her body in a garbage can until the ground thawed, and then bury her in the backyard.

A friend of 17-year-old Jacob Cobb -- the brother who allegedly was the one to choke their mother on the floor -- offered up this insight to investigators, which may provide a clue as to what may have gone on in the family. After returning from Christmas dinner, Cobb told the friend that:

...he didn't know if he could take it anymore and that he wanted to kill their mother.

This would suggest that the sons and their mother likely had a history of dysfunction in their relationships and/or there was something seriously wrong with these guys. But Yahtzee only exacerbated the situation -- it didn't cause it.

It's probable we'll never know what really happened with this family -- all we can really say for sure is that this crime is tragic and terrifying.


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