Criminals Shouldn't Be Protected From 'Discrimination'

jail cellSan Francisco is just about as liberal as a city can get. Nancy Pelosi is it’s Representative, after all. She who said workers should pay more taxes to purchase health insurance so that twenty-somethings could ‘pursue their dreams’ as dancers or artists. 

San Francisco has banned happy meals and attempted to ban goldfish and guppies. The latest move in its apparent War on Children is to propose that criminals be a “protected class” of citizens.


Say what now? According to the San Francisco Gate:

A proposal being circulated at City Hall would make it illegal for landlords and employers to discriminate against applicants solely because they were 'previously incarcerated.'

Sex offenders and perpetrators of some violent crimes would not be covered.

It would also be illegal to ask anyone about their criminal past on an initial job or housing application.

'The mechanics still need to be worked out,'  said Supervisor and sheriff candidate Ross Mirkarimi.

That last statement by Mirkarimi is what is commonly referred to as an understatement. The proposal comes before many prisoners will be released in California due to overcrowding and budget issues. Apparently, releasing criminals back into the general public is a lot easier than figuring how to fix our $500 billion pension problem

This is not a civil rights issue; it is completely bonkers. People don’t decide to be a certain ethnicity or gender (actually, this is San Francisco we’re talking about, so I’m sure there are many people that have decided their own gender), they are born that way. Felons? Felons decided to break the law. Maybe they’ve changed their ways, maybe not, but it should be up to private businesses to decide whether or not they want to hire them. Making it illegal to ask about past incarceration takes that right away from people.

Criminals are not a protected class of citizens; they are people that intentionally harmed others with violence, theft, vandalism, etc. If they don’t want to be treated as such, maybe they should stop breaking the law.

Image via Tim Pearce Los Gatos/Flickr

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