Father & Son Killed by Lightning ... 48 Years Apart

lightningHere are some words that should never leave your lips: "Lightning doesn't strike twice." You are just tempting the gods, and the fact is, it does. Sadly Stephen Rooney, 54, found that out the hard way.

Rooney was at a family picnic one recent Sunday in New Jersey and wanted to smoke a cigar. Trying to keep the smoke away from family and friends gathered, he walked away to light up under a tree. He saw the lighting in the sky, but seeing as his father was struck and killed by lightning 48 years prior, he thought the odds were in his favor. So he uttered the fateful words ... "Don't worry guys, lightning never strikes twice."


It did, and he and his cousin were too close to a bolt that hit the ground. While his nearby cousin survived the blast of electricity, sadly Rooney died in the hospital days later.

His father was struck while out fishing when Stephen was just 5, and you would think he would have learned from that and been ultra-cautious around lightning. But then again, who would ever think it could actually happen again? Condolences to his family, and may they all take shelter immediately for here ever after at the slightest sign of a storm.

Have you ever known anyone that got struck by lightning?

Image via Brilhasti1/Flickr

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