Rodney King Needs to Surrender -- Bigtime!

Rodney KingRiverside County Sherrif's Dept.Oh, Rodney King. Rodney, Rodney, Rodney. Another arrest, really? A suspected DUI again? Sigh ... I know much of the world has already given up hope on you. It's pretty obvious just by reading Twitter today. This kind of criminal behavior is exactly what people now expect to hear when they see your name trending. But is that how you want your life to be? Are you already resolved? Have you given up entirely?

I mean, we all make mistakes, but many of us learn from them and go on to make better decisions the next time. This does not seem to be the case with you, and I think you're forgetting that there is a solution.


Rodney, since your horrific police beating in 1991, you have had several other run-ins with the law -- you drove your car into a house while on PCP, drove a car into a building while drunk, you threatened your daughter and ex-girlfriend, punched your girlfriend, hit your wife with a car, and you were cited in March for driving with an expired license (not even sure why you have one, but that's a different story ...). And now this suspected DUI yesterday. Of course, it could have been drugs. It's still not clear.

Surely, you're already well versed in the lengthy list of your bad behavior. I'm sure this list runs through your mind on a regular basis, which is why you try to quiet that mind with drugs and alcohol. This is precisely the kind of ugly list that keeps us drunk and using. Because we can't face the things we've done, we drink more and more and eventually end up adding even more awful things to these dreaded lists. But in this dreaded list, there is also a VERY clear common denominator -- and that's you + drugs/alcohol = detestable Rodney.

We know you've done several rehab stints, including a public one on Celebrity Rehab, but it is time, again, Rodney. Put your ego in your pocket. Your tail between your legs. Get thee to a 12-Step Program. If not for yourself, if that is simply not enough, then for your kids and to keep that list from growing any longer. It's time to stop. Time to surrender, my man.

Have you given up on Rodney King?


Image via Riverside County Sherrif's Dept.

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