Mitt Romney Uses Michele Bachmann's 'Porn Pledge' Against Her

Mitt RomneyScore one for Mitt Romney. The current Republican front-runner in the race to the presidency has decided not to sign the controversial Marriage Vow pledge (aka the porn pledge) that got Michele Bachmann in all that trouble last week for positing African American babies were better off under slavery. But it's the way the conservative Mormon declined to sign on to the uber-conservative group's "family values" manifesto that shows where Romney really stands in this election.


Speaking on behalf of the candidate to the AP,  Romney spokesman Andrea Saul claims he "strongly supports traditional marriage," but that the oath "contained references and provisions that were undignified and inappropriate for a presidential campaign."

In other words? He believes in much of what the anti-pornography, anti-divorce, anti-same sex marriage, etc. pledge from the Family Leader says, but he thinks before he signs something. Unlike his "undignified and inappropriate for a presidential campaign" competitor.

To be fair, Michele Bachmann wasn't the only one to sign the pledge. Rick Santorum put his name to it too, in hopes that he'll get the Iowa group's endorsement. He's since praised the Family Leader's decision to take the statement about slavery OUT of its pledge. But it's Bachmann who leads Romney by a 14-point margin in the Iowa polls. And it's Bachmann who has refused to apologize for putting her name on the controversial statement. Instead she's been busy backtracking, claiming that the slavery comments weren't part of the pledge that she signed, alleging the group pulled a fast one on her by slipping it in on another version.

In pointing out that he's rejecting the pledge because of portions of it, Romney is not so subtly reminding America that his "competition" for the Republican nomination doesn't bother to look at the whole picture before plunging in. Whether it's putting her name on a pledge that she doesn't agree with wholeheartedly, using a campaign song without permission, or accidentally claiming she embodies the spirit of serial killer John Wayne Gacy because she couldn't be bothered to check up on which "John Wayne" hailed from her hometown before praising him, Romney's right. Bachmann is "undignified and inappropriate."

Does this decision give you more faith in Romney's ability to grab the nomination?


Image via nmfbihop/Flickr

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