Jailing Man for Throwing Pretzels at Flight Attendant Is Nuts

pretzels and airplaneAll Pogos Paul Selfian (that's a name) wanted to do was smoke an electronic cigarette Allison DuBois-style on his Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. But when he took out the device to get his "nicotine fix," the flight attendant told him to put it away like the killjoy she apparently is. So, Selfian did what any self-respecting passenger with a hankering for a smoke did: He pelted her with peanuts and pretzels.

When the flight landed, Selfian was arrested and jailed.

I think the first thing that pops into everybody's mind is: Southwest serves peanuts and pretzels?! But the second one is: Jail?


Selfian sounds like a first class jerk. One of those really obnoxious people you pray doesn't wind up sitting next to you when you see him bounding down the narrow airplane aisle. But throwing him in jail for doing something I've seen countless 4-year-olds doing on flights seems a bit on the harsh side.

There's no question that if I were on that fateful flight with Selfian, I would have 100 percent been on the flight attendant's side. And if I was halfway through my second Bloody Mary, maybe I even would have been one of those people who had the balls to say something. But I think banning him from Southwest flights -- for life -- and a hefty fine would have sufficed. He didn't injure anybody. He didn't even threaten anyone. He was just being an immature a**hole. And aren't there tons of those walking around freely as we speak?

Do you think Selfian should have been jailed for throwing snacks at the flight attendant? When was the last time you got free snacks on a flight?


Image via oskay/xlibber/Flickr

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