Michele Bachmann's 'Porn Pledge' Will Cost Millions of Jobs

michele bachmannReady for your Michele Bachmann Did What?! Moment of the Day? Here goes: You know how we just had that huge victory in New York legalizing gay marriage? Well, the ever-progressive Bachmann became the first GOP candidate to sign a "values pledge" promising to ban same-sex marriage AND pornography should she be elected president in 2012. Yep, porn too.

Fabulous idea, Michele. Really. Our economy is going nowhere fast, unemployment rates are still ridiculously high, and you want to outlaw a $10 billion industry that employs millions of Americans? Good call.


It gets better, I swear. Brought about by a highly "influential" conservative group in Iowa, this pledge doesn't just propose to make same-sex marriage illegal, it also asks candidates to agree to the notion that homosexuality is a public health risk and should be considered on the same par as polygamy, adultery, and polyandry. Whoa! I'm guessing that would make gay porn a capital offense!

Interesting that Bachmann's husband, Dr. Marcus Bachmann, was recently discovered to be providing "ex-gay" reparative therapy through the Bachmann Family Clinic. In case you haven't heard of reparative therapy (which has been discredited by all sane psychologists), it employs such conversion tactics for homosexual men as "going to sporting events" and "avoiding art museums, symphonies, and the opera." (I know you think I'm making this up, but I'm not!) The eventual goal, of course, is heterosexual intercourse and marriage.

I guess Bachmann doesn't realize the ban on porn would essentially shoot her husband's business in the foot. After all, if these "converted" homosexuals don't have any gay porn hidden behind the pillow, how exactly is that heterosexual intercourse supposed to happen?

Do you think Bachmann's pledge is ridiculous and cruel?


Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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