World's Dumbest Burglar Leaves Dog at Crime Scene

shih tzu
I'm telling.
Raymond Rhodes and I have a lot in common. We both have dogs. We both walk our dogs while running errands (we're multitaskers). And we both are ... human beings. However, we seem to differ in a few crucial areas. One, Raymond actually forgets to untie his dog after running said errands. And, two, said errands are burglarizing the neighborhood homes. Different strokes.

Rhodes, 19, decided, for some completely inexplicable reason, to take his dog along with him while he was out robbin'. (Who does that?) Then, after he forgot him -- that fluffy, four-legged piece of evidence -- he was arrested. On the count that he's a giant idiot.


A police officer had seen Rhodes out with his dog earlier on, so he was able to track him down easily. (No, the cops didn't call the number on the dog's collar to have Rhodes answer -- that would have been awesome, though!)

I ... just ... you ... you know what? Here are some words for Raymond Rhodes:

Hi. How are you? I'm Nicole. Nice Weird to meet you. I like dogs, too. They're nice. So, dog-owner to dog-owner, question for you: Why would you bring your pooch with you to rob? Robbing is so annoying. You have to carry all the stuff, sweat the owner coming home. It seems like a hindrance having him or her accompany you. Or did you just not want to come home and have to walk him? You probably wanted to go straight to playing with all your new stuff sans pee-pee break interruption, right?

But now that we've cleared that up, my other question is: How could you forget your dog? Clearly you care about him. I mean, you walk him and stuff. It seems a bit irresponsible to leave him. (Not to mention robbing, in general, is kind of irresponsible. But I don't want to belabor a point that's probably already been made to you.) How would you like it if your parents brought you while they were robbing and just left you there when it was time to take off with their bounty? It's hurtful, Raymond. I hope you know that.

So, maybe next time you'll think twice before bringing your buddy on one of your robbing trips. And if you still decide to take him, for the love of all that is holy, bring him inside with you. Maybe there are some sweet bones he can snag.



Do you bring your dog with you when you're robbing joints?

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