Michelle Obama 'Shake Shack Burger' Controversy Is for the Cows

shake shack
Burger and fries from Shake Shack
Michelle Obama went to the new Shake Shack burger joint in Washington, DC, and, you know, had dinner. She ordered a grilled human baby -- medium rare -- a side of Republican rocky mountain oysters, and a pint of Margaret Thatcher's blood. It was a real splurge. The First Lady reportedly wobbled out of the Shake Shack satisfied and satiated.

From the reaction Michelle Obama is getting, it would seem like that's what she ordered. In reality a reporter for the Washington Post relayed that the FLOTUS ate a burger, a side of fries, a chocolate shake, and a Diet Coke. Some people are up in arms because the First Lady, a champion for the fight against obesity and the creator of the Let's Move campaign, wasn't seemingly practicing what she preaches.


According to the Shake Shack's online nutrition information, Michelle took down about 1,700 calories during her meal, which is a lot -- probably about a day's worth for a non-active woman. Can't say I haven't had the exact same thing myself at the Shake Shack here in New York, so I know what it's like. We all do. We all know what it's like to have a delicious junk meal that fills our belly and makes us happy.

Mrs. Obama has always been very relatable (if you ask me) and her trip to the burger joint just solidifies her as one of us, and not some sort of liar, or cheater, or manic burger-eater. Her message as First Lady has been focused on moderation and exercise -- it's not like she's eating like that once a day, or once a week for that matter. An infrequent splurge on a meal like hers is totally OK as long as it's just that: infrequent.

She came under fire in February for not following her own nutritional and dietary advice when the menu for the White House Super Bowl party she and the President hosted was far from healthy. While I still remain that they missed a chance there on the national stage to lead by example and serve at least some healthy snacks, I think a trip to Shake Shack is a different animal. It wasn't necessarily planned (in that the menu of what she was going to eat wasn't released, like the Super Bowl party's was) and at Shake Shack, she was only feeding herself, and not, on the other hand, only offering guests junk food who may or may not regularly eat healthfully.

What do you think of Michelle Obama's Shake Shack meal?

Photo via permanently scatterbrained/Flickr

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