Aerialist's Ballsy Stunt on New York Bridge Came at a High Price (VIDEO)

aerialist nyc bridgeOn Monday evening a Brooklyn performing artist named Seanna Sharpe literally stopped traffic when she scaled a 300-foot tower of the Williamsburg Bridge and performed a death-defying aerial stunt complete with twists and flips without the use of a harness or safety tether.

As you can see from the video below, the performance was absolutely gorgeous, not to mention inspiring, especially because Sharpe explained she was motivated to do it to face her own fears and "inspire others to face their fears."

But that's not to say the stunt didn't have serious consequences ...


Sharpe and a friend who was on the tower with her were arrested after the performance and charged with trespassing, reckless endangerment, and obstructing governmental administration. Although she actually expected to be intercepted by the police (reports say she even brought a lawyer with her to the bridge), that doesn't make jail time any easier to swallow.

Before you jump to conclusions and accuse Sharpe of being stupid and selfish for putting her life (and potentially the lives of others) in danger, consider this: Sharpe said she chose the Williamsburg Bridge explicitly out of respect for the safety of rush-hour drivers:

It’s not the ideal bridge but I was obscured from traffic. I didn't want people in cars to look up and see me and crash and cause accidents.

Added to that is the fact that the whole point of the exercise was to help others conquer their fears -- one could argue that Sharpe's stunt was almost completely selfless. It's dangerous and scary to watch, yes. But inspiring, too. And isn't that exactly the whole point of daredevil acts such as this, if only to remind us to be a little more courageous in life? Suddenly, a little police custody doesn't seem so scary after all.

See for yourself:

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