Derek Jeter Fan Gets Screwed for Doing the Right Thing

derek jeterChristian Lopez, the benevolent saint who tossed back Derek Jeter's 3,000th career hit ball, isn't just up to his neck in swag right now, he's up to his neck in potential taxes. You know, on all that swag.

Here's the deal: The die-hard Yankees, and Jeter, fan who caught the ball and threw it back was (pretty) well-compensated. Among the goodies he got were bats, signed balls, four front-row seats for Sunday's game, and four Champions Suite tickets for the rest of the season. Which are alone valued at over $50,000. Not bad, right? But now it's being reported that Christian's going to have to pay taxes -- $14,000 worth of taxes -- on all this stuff since it's kind of sort of income.

Income? Do you know how much that tossed-back Jeter ball is going to be worth?!


Here's a little trivia for you: In 1998 Mark McGwire's 70th homerun ball sold for $3 million. $3 million! That's a lot of cash for a stupid white ball. And Lopez, apparently a person totally unlike me, gave the ball back! And has $100,000 worth of school debt! This man shouldn't owe $14,000 to anybody. He should be given $14,000. Or at least the Yankees and Jeter should pay for any taxes he owes.

The gifts Lopez received for his generosity were good -- pretty good. I mean, would it have killed the Yankees to give him front row seats for life? But they definitely need to pay the $14,000 should he wind up owing it. Clearly he dosen't have the money, and clearly they do.

I have faith that they will. It's the right thing to do. And if they're following Lopez's example, they simply won't have a choice.

Do you think the Yankees should pay the $14,000 should Lopez owe it?

Image via chris v.ptacek/Flickr

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