Casey Anthony Needs Plastic Surgery

Casey AnthonyIf the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial left you feeling a little down about the state of society, just wait. It's about to get worse. Casey has considered plastic surgery. And in the saddest statement about society yet -- it's probably the best idea she's ever had.


Hold up now, don't shoot the messenger. This isn't a boob job or lipo. Anthony's family has suggested she alter her looks to protect her from a nation of angry Americans looking for vengeance for little Caylee. She's apparently said no ... for now ... but inside sources say it's because she doesn't understand just how rampant the hatred is, even as she's being sent to a "secret location" to live as she leaves a Florida jail.

Over the top? Maybe not. Only 12 percent of Americans in a Rasmussen survey said they think the mom is actually "not guilty." And the rest of them are a vocal bunch. There's a Facebook page dubbed "Casey Anthony better get plastic surgery done if she wants to stay alive." And people have had the stupidity to actually "fan" it along with pages such as "Casey Anthony is a sick twisted bitch who needs to BURN in HELL."

The FBI may consider Joe Luis Saenz, a suspected murderer, as its number one most wanted criminal, but the vitriol on the interwebs makes it clear that the American public thinks Casey Anthony is public enemy number one. And people aren't afraid to show their sadistic side. The death threats are pouring in. This is the society we live in.

A society where a woman who was technically acquitted by a jury is getting death threats, where people have suggested we abandon our current justice system simply because it didn't work the way THEY wanted it to. In a world where people's quickest response to a woman getting away with murder (in their opinion) is to plan their own violent act, you better believe Casey Anthony needs to disguise herself to stay safe.

Do you think she should have surgery?


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