6 Year Old Gets Not One But TWO TSA Pat-Downs (VIDEO)

six year old pat down washington seatac airportA 6-year-old boy was with his family on his way to Disneyland from Washington Sea-Tac Airport when he was subject to not one but two invasive pat-downs by the TSA after he set off the detector. Afterward, the little boy hugged his mom, started crying, and said, "I don't want to go to Disneyland." OMG, is your heart breaking like mine right now? 

It's not only completely absurd, but also disturbing and outrageous that this little boy was subject to TWO intrusive pat-downs. As his mother, Jenine Michaelis of Kirkland, Washington, said, "They treated him like he's a terrorist -- he's a 6-year-old boy." It really makes you scratch your head and wonder what the hell these TSA officials were even THINKING. Especially given that only a few months ago, a similar incident occurred in New Orleans, and as recently as last month, the TSA said they were changing their policy on child pat-downs.


Former Federal Aviation Administration security director Billie Vincent recently told USA Today that these invasive pat-downs of children wouldn't be as frequent if everyone could just get over the idea of "profiling."

Specifically, he said Congress should allow the TSA to profile everyone -- including young children's parents -- before a flight. That way, only children whose parents raise a red flag during the profiling process would need pat-downs.

I guess Vincent's suggestion is one way to narrow the playing field here, but I'm not sure how I feel about that either. In just about any case, it seems absolutely ridiculous that the TSA should have to check a child. It's as if the cattle call line-ups, multiple ticketing and ID checks, inane liquid limits, security cameras, conveyor belts, X-rays, radiation, all of that just isn't enough. I guess all of that must be window dressing if it all comes down anyway to one or several aggressive pat-downs of an innocent child, huh?

I can't stand how I'm treated as a single female passenger when I travel. As a mother someday, it makes me sick that I'll have to worry about my child feeling violated by airport security. We're supposed to be one of -- if not, THE -- most advanced and FREE civilizations on the planet, and our youth is being treated as if they're carrying bombs on planes. It doesn't make any sense at all, and it's time the government stops offering empty promises. These pat-downs must end NOW.

Here's the local news story about the Washington Sea-Tac incident.

What do you think what happened to this little boy?


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