TSA Allows Stun Gun on Plane But Not Shampoo

jetblueFly JetBlue for the DirecTV, stay for the free tasers. The cleaning crew for JetBlue flight 1179 found a stun gun in the backseat pocket of the plane that landed in Newark, New Jersey Friday night. It had come from Boston. JetBlue alerted the TSA and now the FBI is investigating.

Really, TSA? You'll take my contact solution, insist that I turn on my MacBook to prove (I guess) that it's not a bomb, and pat my underwire bra, but you'll let tasers through? Not cool TSA, not cool.


No wonder the FBI's on this one, the TSA can't be trusted. Letting weapons fly is kind of against the rules. We don't know yet how the taser got on board, but I'll be totally curious to get those details. Was it simply in someone's bag? In a holster? Heck, maybe it went through the X-ray machine in one of the small white bowls and no one gave a damn.

Maybe it was a sleepy Air Marshall who left it on board. A terrorist testing the waters? An angry old woman who's had enough with the pat-downs? A frequent flyer just looking to protect himself from the TSA? I don't know what I should hope for in this scenario.

Here's my concern. The taser was out. It was in a seat back pocket. The smuggler clearly had it in his hands at one point and tucked it into the pocket with the emergency exit plans and in-flight menu. Of course we don't know what the perp's intentions were, but when you carry a weapon on a plane, they can't be good. But in my mind, whoever brought the taser on the flight is less criminally responsible than the TSA. Their negligence here is embarrassing, if not life threatening.

And I don't know who's laziest in this case: The guy who left his weapon on the plane (whoops!) or the TSA who didn't catch it. My GOODNESS.

What do you think happened?

Photo via Anthony Quintano/Flickr

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