Cops' Bra Sizes Publicized by Police Department: What's the Big Deal?

braLast week an Indianapolis Police Department sent an email to 37 supervising officers telling them to let their departments know that their protective police vests were ready to be picked up. Everything would have been right with the world if that was that. However, attached to the email was a spreadsheet listing all 91 officers' names and vest sizes, including the waist and chest sizes of 13 female officers whose vests needed "special tailoring." And now several of the women -- along with pretty much the whole online world -- are up in arms. Words like "mortifying," "angry," and "embarrassing" are being thrown around. The department even went so far as to apologize publicly for the "mishap."

What the heck for?

Because boobs are involved, that's why.


Everyone knows that anything to do with boobs has to be controversial and wrong and always about sex and objectifying women. Like, say, the way some people react to public breastfeeding. Some of us look at it as nourishing a child, others see it as a satanical, perverted peepshow that belongs in a sex club -- you know, because it involves boobs.

In the cop boob bra size scandal, the vest-size information wasn't sent out on purpose and the department tried to prevent the email from being sent en masse when it became aware of the attachment. This wasn't some prank by a bunch of sophomoric fellow officers sexually harassing their co-workers. But now a few of the women are thinking about filing a grievance with the union and possibly even a lawsuit. Um, do they really think that no one could guesstimate their bra size if they wanted to? Do they not realize that we can all tell how tall they are, how much they weigh, and if their hair color is real or not just by looking at them? It's not rocket science.

Ladies, there was a time when women couldn't be cops and a time when they weren't treated as equals on the force. And there were women -- strong, brave women with boobs -- who made it possible for you to have the jobs you do today. Congratulations on sexualizing your boobs when sex and discrimination had nothing to do with it.

And good luck with that breast-pumping room at the station house. OMG! Everyone's gonna know that you're using your DD-cups to feed your baby.



Image via brenbot/Flickr

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