Sarah Palin Documentary 'The Undefeated' Will Be a Hit With Everyone (VIDEO)

the undefeated sarah palinThe best way to set the stage to run for President of the United States in this reality TV show, tabloid drama-packed modern era? With an "independent documentary" about your bravery, your courage, and other BIG adjectives you may have even coined yourself, promoted with a trailer fit for an action flick blockbuster. That's the best way to describe what's going on right now with a little movie about Sarah Palin called THE UNDEFEATED (I can't help myself from writing that in caps, given the inflammatory title). In fact, I have a feeling it's going to remind more than a few people of past summer hits ... like Armageddon.

To be fair, the big, ballsy trailer is good fun for viewers of all political leanings.


Those who believe Palin is a hero will see it as a propaganda truthiness-filled film that speaks to THEM. They'll be revved up to band together in their FOX News-watching homes and take on the "liberal media."

For the rest of us, The Undefeated trailer is like a preview for a blood-curdling, bone-chilling horror flick! Your hair will stand on end! You'll have flashbacks to the good times you had stuffing your face with popcorn and jumping out of your seat as you viewed The Exorcist, The Shining, and The Blair Witch Project (especially). And later, you'll have nightmares about President Palin.

Either way, it certainly is entertaining.

What do you think of The Undefeated trailer? Will you see it?


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