Homophobic Brooklyn Bishop Teaches Students to 'Hate Thy Neighbor'

catholic churchAs a resident of Brooklyn, I can whole-heartedly say I'm embarrassed right now. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in our fine borough is so against the same-sex marriage bill that was just passed, he's making his students suffer.

Bishop DiMarzio, who refers to the bill as "another nail in the marriage coffin," is refusing -- and sending back! -- any donations meant for the students of the Catholic school made by people who voted in support of the bill. Oh, and they're not allowed to attend school events and parishes.

Joseph Lentol, an assemblyman, Catholic, and same-sex marriage supporter, sent a check to the school to honor a student. His money, along with a rejection letter, was sent back to him. Much like you and me, Lentol was shocked because "the school certainly needs the money for the scholarship program they run."

Ladies and gentlemen. One of America's fine leaders: Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio ...


The crazy extremists (on either side of the fence) and religious fanatics are one thing. We've come to know and poke fun at them. But a school official turning down funds that are meant for the children and the good of the school at large is another. I mean, really, why should the students suffer? (And what's up with that whole church and state thing?)

It frustrates me to no end when people like this are in charge -- people who make their beliefs part of the unofficial rule book. A person who runs a school, particularly a school that's in need of funds, should make the school the number one priority. Who cares that someone donating money doesn't believe what you believe? The cash isn't intended for you personally. You're not standing any ground here. You're just being selfish.

You know what I wish? I wish that some assemblyman or woman builds Our Lady of Mt. Carmel a brand new gym or adds on a new section to their library. And then after all the students and teachers are enjoying it, he or she rings up Bishop DiMarzio and tells him they voted for the bill. That would really burn him.

Then again, Bishop D sounds so crazy he just might tear it down.

What do you think of this Brooklyn Bishop rejecting funds for the school?


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