Girl Commits Suicide to Donate Organs to Her Sick Family

woman's eyeWarning: You should have a box of tissues nearby if you plan to proceed reading this heart-wrenching tragedy. In the West Bengal area of India, the Sarkar family was in need of medical care that would cost them more than they could afford. The father needed an eye surgery to save his vision, and his son required a kidney transplant to save his life. The younger daughter, a 12-year-old named Mumpy Sarkar, was said to listen quietly as her family discussed their tough situation. And soon, the sensitive little girl decided to take matters into her own hands.

Mumpy told her older sister, Monica, about her suicide plan and even urged her join for "the cause," but Monica, thinking nothing of her little sister's plea, "laughed it off." Then, left alone while her father went to work and her mother ran an errand, Mumpy committed suicide on June 27 by consuming a pesticide known as Thioden.


Incredibly, Mumpy had been cremated before her note was found, in which she asked her mother to give her father her eyes and her brother her kidney. What happened to this little girl and her family is nothing short of absolutely heartbreaking.

In the end, a local state council representative visited the family's home this week and promised financial assistance for medical treatment for both Mumpy's father and brother.


Image via Mary Paulose/Flickr

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