President Obama Has a Weird View of 'Shared Sacrifice'

president barack obamaPresident Obama is always saying one thing but doing another. He says he supports school choice, but he ended the successful voucher system in Washington, D.C. He wants to pull troops from Afghanistan, but he starts a war in Libya instead.

He’s always talking about shared sacrifice, and spreading the wealth around. This is the guy that gave less than 1 percent of his fat-cat (his own words -- he’s made over $250,000 since 2001) income to charity, by the way. Maybe he meant we should spread our wealth around. To the White House staff, in particular.


In the recently released annual salary report from the White House, it was disclosed that the average salary increase of continuing staffers was 8 percent. The national average is 3 percent. How is this shared sacrifice?

One fellow, a Michael Gottlieb, got a 14 percent raise from $114,000 to $130,500. Which, by the way, is a direct violation of President Obama’s own order to freeze pay for the $100K set.

Stuff like this is why fewer and fewer people are taking the president seriously. Remember when he said that without the stimulus, unemployment would hit 8 percent? The stimulus didn’t fix the economy. All it did was place more financial burden on our kids’ shoulders.

American families are doing without to fund useless projects and scams and union payouts and corporate welfare and skylights in liquor stores and raises for White House staffers. This is not ‘shared sacrifice,’ this is cronyism. 

At Wednesday’s Twitter town hall, President Obama invited tweeters to ask him questions using the hash tag #AskObama. No wonder a full 63 percent of the questions were about the economy -- jobs, taxes, and the budget.

Put your money where your mouth is, Mr. President. Sacrifice some lines in the budget. We cannot continue to spend at our current rates. Or are you above following your own advice?


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