Cindy Anthony Should Be Prosecuted Next for Her Lies

cindy anthony
Cindy Anthony
The courtroom drama continues. Prosecutors in the Casey Anthony trial might now be building a case against Casey's mother, Cindy Anthony. She could be tried for perjury since she testified that she searched for "chloroform" on their home computer, but records show she was actually at work when the Internet search was conducted.

Legal experts weighed in on the Today Show this morning about the likelihood of Cindy being prosecuted and explained that the chances are slim to none that Cindy will have to pay for, or even explain, the lies she told on the stand. That doesn't sound just, now does it?


I'm as eager as the next person to put the trial behind us and move on, but if Cindy lied about the chloroform search, what else did she lie about? I get that she's probably trying to protect her daughter ... but how does that help Caylee?

Today's legal expert Jeff Ashton says it's not likely the prosecution will go after Cindy Anthony because, well, it's normal for family to lie to protect family, even when under oath. It's something he's seen a lot of in his 30 years of practicing law, and thinks it's a tough decision whether or not to go after Cindy at this point in the game. But, as Ashton so keenly points out, the chloroform search wasn't insignificant to the case:

This, of course, was a rather important, you know, deception, if you will, that obviously was proven to be so by the other evidence. What they do with it is going to be a difficult decision that I'm glad I don't have to make.

Ashton warns that the prosecution might look like "sour grapes" if they go after Cindy, but I don't feel that way. Sure Cindy is a grandmother in mourning who was just trying to keep her daughter safe from life in prison, or worse, but Cindy should be held accountable for the lies she told that may or may not have persuaded the jury to pull the "not guilty" trigger.

If this had been anyone else who'd lied on the stand about the chloroform search, wouldn't they be held responsible? Is it just because Cindy comes across as a sympathetic character that the idea of putting her on trial seems like overkill?

We'll soon find out if Cindy will stand trial next. I hope she does.

Do you think Cindy should be prosecuted for perjury?

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