Comparing Casey Anthony to O.J. Simpson Is Idiotic

O.J. Simpson protesters photoOkay, I get why people are comparing the Casey Anthony "not guilty" verdict to O.J. Simpson. I had the same thought at first. But guess what? They're wrong.

Casey Anthony is not O.J. The two cases have practically nothing in common. So, all you fancy journalist people, please quit making it sound like Casey is the new Juice. You're reporters. You're supposed to be pursuing the truth. Your job is to educate the public, not feed them false info just because it's trendy.

For one thing, O.J. is a superstar. Anthony is famous only for being the prime suspect in her 2-year-old daughter's murder. No one knew her from a hole in the ground before Caylee disappeared.


Because of that, this case wasn't even half the circus the O.J. one was. Yes, the media coverage was intense. But there's no parallel. There was no police chase in a white Bronco that everyone watched on TV for hours. No love triangles. No bloody crime scene. No courtroom glove fittings. Not even any good DNA evidence to be accused of tampering with.

Sure, we got compulsive lying, a seemingly callous mom, and incest. It was a murder mystery that captivated many of us. But it wasn't even close to as juicy (forgive the pun). It also wasn't nearly as long: six weeks versus four months (134 days) for O.J.

There was also a mountain of physical evidence in the O.J. case -- Simpson's blood found outside the crime scene, bloody gloves with his DNA on them, bloody socks with DNA from Simpson and the victims, a history of domestic violence. And there was a clear cause of death. Not so in the case against Anthony, based solely on circumstantial evidence and speculation, with no cause of death ever established. And as far as we know, Caylee was never abused.

Maybe I shouldn't be so annoyed by all the "Casey is the new O.J." talk. I just think it's irresponsible to repeat that mantra blindly without looking at all the facts. I hate when media types spread flawed theories around just because everyone else is doing it. It's not an ethical bandwagon to jump on.

Marcia Clark's "Worse Than O.J.!" piece claiming the Anthony verdict "is far more shocking" than Simpson's is ludicrous. Far more shocking? Be serious, Marcia! But she had one thing right: The trials shouldn't be lumped together. Are you listening, Kim Kardashian?

Do you think Casey Anthony should be compared to O.J. Simpson?


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