25 Funniest Questions From Obama's Twitter Townhall

chloroform duct #askobama

If you had one chance to ask the President of the United States a question, wouldn't you want to make it a really good one? Wouldn't you stay up all night and dig deep into the depths of your soul and mine out that one big political truth you're after? Well, President Obama just finished up hosting the first-ever Twitter Townhall from the White House -- and average Americans were asked to pose questions to the President using the #AskObama hashtag. As you can imagine, the big important questions came out of the woodwork for President Obama, but so did the silly antics.

Sure, there were lots of good, intelligent questions about job creation, oil prices, money for schools, and foreign policy; however, it was really hard not to get totally distracted by the more prominent gut-busting questions for President Obama that probably will never get answered. Oh, Americans on Twitter. You're so funny.


1. Do you get offended when people photoshop themselves with you as if they met you personally ?

2. Do you still rock those "mom" jeans that you wore during first pitch?

3. Who let the dogs out?

4. Do you party with Berlusconi?

5. When your wife visited SF I had to pay $30 for parking because my usual lot was closed. Will you reimburse me?

6. If you want chicken wings at 3 am, are you allowed to send Secret Service to go get them?

7. Does honey badger care?

8. Where go the ducks in Central Park in winter?

9. Did you see The Hangover II? Did you like it? Me too.

10. My home printer jams all the time. It's an HP D4160. What do you recommend?

11. Is it true you're so vain you think this tweet is about you?

12. If you knew me, do you think we'd be friends and hang out together all the time? I think so.

13. Can you bail out all the Android developers?

14. Can you command people to stop naming their kids and dogs Bella?

15. Are you a communist?

16. If I vote for you again, will I regret it?

17. hey just say the word and i'll hide john boehner's shoes and he'll be late to congress it'll be so funny

18. Do you like pina coladas?

19. who should we blame for "mad men" not being back until 2012?

20. Do you ever pour yourself a glass of Shiraz, crank up some Bon Iver and just ... y'know ... CRY

21. do u think michelle would like my shoes???

22. are you the foursquare mayor of the white house?

23. Why did you chloroform & duct tape the economy?

24. did casey anthony do it?

25. Do you have your own Obama hope poster hanging in your room?

What would you like to ask the President?


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