Casey Anthony Lawyers' Champagne Celebration Was Totally Classless

champagneWhile most of us sat in front of a screen with our jaws agape, reading endless shocked tweets and Facebook updates about the Casey Anthony "not guilty" verdict in the child murder case, Anthony's defense team was making its way over to a restaurant called Terrace 390, which is across the street from the Orange County Courthouse in Florida. They then proceeded to pop open a bottle of bubbly

TMZ actually got a few pics of attorney Jose Baez raising a toast ... which has to be one of the most classless moves of ALL TIME.

I just ... there are almost no words.

This was a very public MURDER case. A 2-year-old is dead, and her murderer has yet to be (may never be?) brought to justice. There's absolutely nothing to raise a glass to.


Even if these lawyers are relieved that the three-year-long trial is over, it's in incredibly poor taste to go right across the street and celebrate so publicly ... so FLAGRANTLY.

Really, it's enough to make you sick.

What do you think about the defense team openly celebrating?


Image via George M. Groutas/Flickr


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