Casey Anthony to Walk in 2 Days But May Never Be Free (VIDEO)

Casey Anthony verdictCasey Anthony was acquitted today of murder charges in the death of her daughter Caylee and she could walk free as early as this Thursday. Although she was charged with four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to law enforcement, Casey has already served almost three years, which will probably cover the sentence for those charges. So what does that mean? It means Casey Anthony will walk free and be living back among us in less than two days from now.

What kind of life will she have outside of prison -- walking free on a NOT GUILTY verdict in a world where most everyone believes the opposite? There's a big difference between being found "not guilty" and being found "not guilty" in a world that still finds you guilty. And this newfound "freedom" for Casey could very well be a kind of living hell. So if you think Casey is guilty and you're worried justice can't be served in the free world, you may want to think again.


I suppose Casey may receive plenty of media and book deal proposals to set her up financially, but even that won't be enough to give her a true life of freedom.

First of all, Casey burned some pretty substantial bridges in her family, the one place where most of us can always find unconditional love. If her family held onto any hope for Casey's innocence before the trial, she then went and threw her dad George under the bus with unsubstantiated molestation charges as well as charges of conspiracy to cover up Caylee's "accidental drowning" death. Not to forget that her father, at least, believes Casey knows what happened to Caylee and said as much on the witness stand. Brother Lee only showed up in court when he was subpoenaed to be there, so we might guess he's already withdrawn from the family and its secrets and sickness. Mom Cindy may be Casey's only hope, but her family life will never be the same, safe place it once may have been. It may be impossible to rebuild any true and trusting family relationships again.

The freedom Casey is about to experience is not necessarily going to be a freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I would guess 95 percent or more of the nation believes Casey had something to do with the death of her child, so, acquittal or no acquittal, she will continue to be labeled and seen as a "child murderer." And with this lingering notoriety, who will befriend her, employ her, trust her, love her? And what kind of life can a person live without friends (or family), a job, trust, or love? Certainly not a good one. I mean, look at O.J. Simpson. He never overcame the burden of being found guilty in the public eye. He lost everything, despite his acquittal, and so might Casey Anthony.

This final point is largely dependent on your belief in the existence of Casey Anthony's conscience and ability to feel true emotion, which many have questioned. But if Casey really did kill Caylee, she's the only one who knows it and that fact will never ever leave her. If it is true and she does have a heart and a soul, then she will undoubtedly feel the heavy, disgusting, and torturous ache of that fact every single second. And because we are all as "sick as our secrets," this secret will fester and eat at her flesh from the inside out -- until hopefully, in death, Casey comes face to face again with her daughter Caylee, the only person who can truly judge her for what she has done.

WATCH Casey Anthony as the verdict is read:

Do you think Casey Anthony is really free?


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