Nancy Grace Feels the Sting of Being Dead Wrong About Casey Anthony (VIDEO)

nancy graceMoments before Casey Anthony was declared "not guilty," fiery legal commentator Nancy Grace was discussing with callers the likelihood of Anthony getting the death penalty. Nancy Grace, like most of us, assumed Casey Anthony would be found guilty of murdering her daughter, Caylee, and she was just as shocked as we were to find that Casey will likely walk free after the jury only found her guilty of lying to the police.

We can count on Nancy to be the outspoken proponent of the victim's rights (and we can sure as hell count on her helmet hair that defies gravity, but that's neither here nor there), so it's no surprise that Nancy wanted justice for Caylee, and is speaking her mind about the case now more than ever.


Nancy was not a fan of Casey's from just about day one -- she labeled the hard-partying 25-year-old "Tot Mom" and has been reporting on the case since three years ago when Caylee was found dead in a swamp near her mother's home.

Nancy was stunned by the outcome. She said on her HLN show that:

There is no way that this is a verdict that speaks the truth ... it's tough to swallow. When you think about Caylee, and you think about this evidence, and you think about all those days Tot Mom carried on partying, lying, as if Caylee had never existed and today in a court of law ... that's what the jury said?

Nancy has tweeted that it's "hard to believe" and she's "not preaching -- but I think that's wrong" referring to defense attorney Jose Baez who's out celebrating his victory right now at a bar. 

Nancy is a polarizing figure -- lots of people love to hate her and her show. I believe I once heard liberal comedian Stephen Colbert call her show Missing White Girl Hour Hosted by Angry Layered Haircut. Needless to say, Nancy has her friends and her foes.

It's been clear since Nancy started covering the case that she believed Casey to be 100 percent guilty -- now that the jury has decided otherwise, Nancy is obviously dumb-founded. Aren't we all?

WATCH Nancy react to the verdict:

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