William & Kate Hecklers Are Messing With the Wrong Couple

kate middleton & prince williamPrince William and Kate Middleton's Canadian Tour de Force has seemed to be going along swimmingly thus far. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have done everything from taking a cooking class at Montreal’s top chef school, the Institut de tourisme et d’hotellerie du Quebec, to dragon boat racing along Prince Edward Island. Life's good for them (obligatory), eh? Of course it is, they're existing in a perpetual state of vacation!

Except there was this one teeny-weeny thing, though. See, it wasn't all carnation bouquets and "I love you, Kate" signs for the royal couple during their Canadian visit. In fact, the two were actually met with some heckling in the predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec. Seriously! And to that I say: Oh, hell no.


The protests came from French-speaking separatists who are angry that Canada still has ties to the monarch. (Queen Elizabeth II is still the country's head of state.) They carried signs that read "The monarchy, it's over" and chanted "RRQ," the initials of the anti-monarchist, separatist group, Reseaude Resistance du Quebecois. Or, as I like to think of it, "Really Rude Quebec-ians."

I mean, come on, Canadians. Why chant and heckle William and Kate? I thought you guys were supposed to be all friendly and peaceful and whatnot. Protesting the royal couple -- whose first international trip was to your fair country, btw -- isn't only hateful just for the sake of being hateful (and protesting just for the sake of protesting), it's straight up idiotic.

Aside from the fact that he's related to the Queen, Prince William has nothing to do with her ties to Canada. What's the guy supposed to do, walk over to his grandmother and tell her to conduct her queenly business in a different manner? That's poppycock, if you think so. Have you seen the woman? You don't question Her Fierceness.

If these people are going to heckle William and Kate, they should at least do it when he's King, many, many years from now. And they best leave my girl Kate out of it when they do. It's not her fault she's fancy enough to marry a prince.

What do you think of people heckling William and Kate?


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