Ann Coulter Hates Princess Diana as Much as Herself

Ann CoulterIn case the tacky Newsweek cover and international coverage of her son's trip to Canada (and on to LA!!) haven't clued you in, today would have been the 50th birthday of Princess Diana. And boy does Ann Coulter hate the dead woman for how she makes her feel ... about herself.

See, Coulter was out and about doing press for Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America, when she just randomly blurted out that she won't "go gaga-eyed" for a princess who was, in her words, "just this anorexic, bulimic narcissist." This brings the number of inappropriate attacks the right winger has made in recent months against the admittedly rather liberal late royal to two. Diana was known for making conservatives all kinds of uncomfortable what with her wanting a cure for AIDS that would keep those gays around and feeding the homeless instead of shoving them under bridges.


It's no wonder Coulter would have no use for her. But between this week's poor attempt at an insult (anorexia and bulimia are serious eating disorders ... using them as "insults" is akin to calling someone a "diabetic" honey) and a slam in April, when Coulter was out there calling the former Princess of Wales a "nitwit hussy," the pundit's distaste for Lady Di has gone off the typical political mudslinging course. Coulter claims she won't get personal in public, but this little tirade is pretty darn self-revealing. She's not very nice, and she hates people who are.

Let's get this straight, America, Ann Coulter is on a book tour pushing a nonfiction tome that she wrote about her thoughts about why America should listen to her on politics. And Lady Di was the narcissist?

Basically, we're back in high school, and the yearbook's just come out. Lady Di seems to have gotten "Nicest Person in the Class" because she actually got off her butt and helped someone other than herself, and little Ann just can't understand why she's been voted "Most Likely to Cover the Prom Queen in Pig's Blood."

It's no wonder Ann Coulter hates the late princess. She's famous for being a down-trodden wife who tried to help the down-trodden around her, only to have her life snuffed short, her children left to grow up without a mother. Ann just likes to make fun of people with eating disorders. Who would YOU want to hang out with?

Do you have fond memories of Lady Diana Spencer? Did she inspire you or make you feel like you could do more?


Image via Jimbo Wales/Flickr

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