5 Worst Glenn Beck Moments

Glenn Beck was never one for subtlety, so his quiet departure Thursday night from Fox News was perhaps surprising given how much harm he has done during his two years on the air.

There is no doubt Beck is a passionate person. And as he leaves to pursue a paid Internet channel called GBTV, it's clear we haven't seen the last of him. In fact, he promised, "You will pray for the time I was only on the air for one hour a day." Well, maybe so. But there is no time like the present to wrap up his major media presence.

Of course, the damage he has done with his rabble rousing and incendiary language is already done. He has filled his listeners with half-truths and used fear as a weapon against the other side. There are so many ways he made the world a worse place. I truly hope he is gone for good, but I worry this will only give him more power.

Here are 5 of Glenn Beck's worst moments:


Beck suggests listeners pick up guns: In March 2010 Beck claimed that "violence is just the wrong way to go," but then he said: "You'd pick up a gun? Have you ever thought of that?" while pointing to images of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Nice, Beck. It's so classy to encourage people to hurt those they don't agree with rather than vote them out or act like sane, rational human beings. Then again, his listeners are likely none of those things.

Beck calls listener a "little pinhead": With a voice dripping with hatred, Beck bullies a caller with bombastic, illogical arguments. He doesn't listen at all. Instead he screams at her like a bear and bullies her into submission. Sorry, but I prefer to receive my news from people who manage to keep their calm and who don't use bullying and name calling as a way to get their points across.

Beck says he put poison in Nancy Pelosi's wine glass: Really? Is this truly the kind of rhetoric we want to see on TV? Beck has a Pelosi stand-in wear a mask and he proceeds to insult her appearance, demeanor, interests, friendships, and finally tells her he poisoned her. Keep it classy, Glenn. It doesn't get any more base and repugnant than this.

Glenn Beck is racist: Typically, we think of racism as something that makes people too stupid to be believed. But not Beck! Oh no. Somehow he gets away with his hate mongering and racism and a million other marks of stupidity. How? He plays the underdog, the "just like you and me" average Joe. Sorry, but no. He is nothing like me or any of the intelligent people I know.

Glenn Beck pours "gas" on guest: To illustrate his point on Obama and his "overspending." Does this seem like the mark of a sane man? A rational person?

Let's face it, Glenn Beck has been playing his listeners for years. He doesn't think they're all that smart and because of that, he uses props and dumbed-down language to appeal to them. Sadly, it has worked. The damage he has done to intelligent discourse and civil discussion in this country is unparalleled. He is a dangerous man who I fear is only going to become more dangerous.

Do you think Glenn Beck is insane?


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