Giant Squids Could Ruin Summer Beach Fun for Everyone (VIDEO)

giant squidSunburns, beach traffic, brain freeze, great white shark attacks ... we have so much to watch out for during the summer months. Unfortunately, the latest news is that we should add "giant squids" to our list of summertime concerns ... one was just found off the coast of Florida. Honestly, summer can be so freaking overwhelming. Is it fall yet?

Three recreational fisherman were minding their own business 12 miles off the coast of Jensen Beach when their boat was attacked by a hungry giant squid with tentacles the length of the Empire State building and eyeballs the size of basketballs. Er, something like that.


I'm sure that's what it felt like when the men saw the 25-foot-long enormous sea creature bobbing near the surface of the otherwise placid water. Giant squid sightings are rare since the big guys usually live between 300 and 1,100 feet underwater, so the fisherman not only spotted the squid, but were able to grab it and film it.

The squid was near death when they found it, which, according to scientists, is natural. They give birth, then slowly die. The capture of the huge invertebrate was one small step for fisherman, one giant leap for giant squid education. Guess she was a female!

The eight-armed, two-tentacled beast was transported to the University of Florida where it will be studied by marine biologists. The species is still a great mystery and biologists are looking to learn more about how it eats, reproduces, and ages. One day, they hope to put this bad boy on display.

Honestly I'm not sure how I would rather die: Being swaddled by giant squid tentacles and pulled 20,000 leagues under the sea, or being fed calamari until my stomach exploded and my heart burst out of my chest and onto the restaurant floor. Squids, any way you look at them, are scary. So watch out!

WATCH the giant squid video clip:

Photo via A.H. Kuchling/Flickr

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