Casey Anthony App Takes Trial to New Level of Creepy

Casey Anthony Trial live coverageWhere's the best place to watch the Casey Anthony trial coverage do you think? In your kitchen when you're getting ready for work in the morning? In the living room, after you get the kids to bed perhaps? Or live on your iPhone, standing in line behind the guy at Starbucks, then a little more on the elevator up to the office, and just a smidge more between conference calls? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there's an app for that.

A crude, crass, creepy, over-the-top, crazy app that provides you with access to the Casey Anthony trial live stream anywhere you get cell service. Even the bathroom.


Launched just today in the app store, it promises to be "The Only Casey Anthony App with LIVE Streaming!!" Well, thank goodness just one weirdo thought of it.

America, I thought it was bad enough people are so excited to get the dirty details about how a baby died that they're coming to blows outside the courtroom. Now they're so terrified they'll miss something, they want to take the trial with them when they take a poop.

And yes, I know all about crime buffs. I understand that this trial could set legal precedents, and attorneys in particular want to mine it for tricks of the trade if you will. I get that they have an interest that goes beyond prurient curiosity in a child's death and into the intricacies of the American justice system. I even understand, as a mother, a portion of the fascination. As sickened as I have been by the entire process, I've had bursts of interest fueled mostly by some naive hope that I'll wake up tomorrow and it will all be just a bad dream. I don't want to think that a mother could murder her own toddler daughter in cold blood. And who knows, she hasn't yet been proven guilty, right?

But every morning when I turn on my TV, I can tune in to trial coverage. Every night, I can catch the Dr. Drew wrap-up. If I want, I can poke around the Internet and find the likes of Nancy Grace or the "Caylee Daily" telling us what's up with Casey Anthony, her parents George and Cindy. Isn't that enough? Too much even?

There's so much out there that it makes the bile push up from my stomach and into my mouth. Because this may be a fascinating trial from a legal perspective, but it's still the story of a little girl who died, somehow. Forget that, and you lose a bit of your own humanity.

Tether yourself to an app that gives you up-to-the-minute details, in Starbucks, at the office, in the bathroom, and you have to evaluate whether you're interested or addicted. Whether you're remembering what the Casey Anthony trial is really about. Or whether you're just a creep.

Do you think an app of the live trial coverage takes it too far? Or will you be downloading this onto your iPhone?


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