New Yorkers Terrorize Glenn Beck & His Family (In His Own Mind)

glenn beckThe other night Glenn Beck and his family went to see an Alfred Hitchcock movie (The 39 Steps) at Bryant Park, an outdoor park in New York City behind the New York City library. Sounds like a fun night, but according to Beck, it was a "hostile situation."

As Beck relayed on The Glenn Beck Program, someone kicked wine on his wife Tanya and drenched her, another man shouted at his wife and daughter saying that he hated conservatives, and others took photos of them. "These people were some of the most hateful people I have ever seen," says Beck. He also mentioned that he's sure he would have been lynched if a rope were provided and that his own security detail said the situation could very well have escalated had Beck and his family not remained so civil.

Sounds absolutely awful. So why didn't Beck and his family just leave?


"I have a right to watch a movie and enjoy a movie in the park with my family," he said.

Sure, that could be the reason. Or maybe the Becks stayed to enjoy the film because none of that actually happened.

Beck didn't have much to say about these awful incidents until Gawker posted photos of Glenn and his family at Bryant Park -- and mentioned that he had an American Flag blanket. Beck says they were making fun of him. Apparently no one makes fun of Beck's blankie, because that's when Beck decided to lash out on his radio program with some fake story (complete with choked back tears) about the horrific night he and his family had. Take a look at the photos and see how terrified Beck and his family were of the "rabid mob" in the background.

And if the photos don't persuade you that this is just some goofball guy who can't stand that he's not one of the "cool kids" so he makes up a lame-o story to get them in trouble with the principal, there's more ...

A woman named Lindsay Piscitell, who was sitting behind the Becks at Bryant Park (and whose friend is the one who allegedly "intentionally kicked wine" on Beck's wife), shared her version of events with New York magazine. She says the Becks were left alone and that his body guards were giving the moviegoers a hard time and throwing their weight around. As for that wine incident? Piscitell writes:

It was my friend that spilled the glass of wine on Tanya -and I can assure you that it was a complete accident. A happy one, to be sure, but nonetheless a complete and utter accident. As soon as the wine spilled (and I question how Tanya became soaked from a half glass of wine) apologies were made and my friends pretty much scrambled to give Tanya & co napkins -no doubt aware that it would look terrible and that their actions could be perceived as purposeful. No words were exchanged after that, as I think that it became pretty clear to Beck & co that my friends and I were doing everything in our capacity to help clean the 'mess.'

I'm sure it's unnecessary to point out the hypocrisy in Glen's statements that we were being hateful. I can assure him that we don't need his sympathy. Incidentally, none of us have made a career of "spewing hate" on the radio, or any other media platform. We live our lives intolerant only of those who don't tolerate: We have chosen New York as our city for that very reason. We do things like go to Bryant Park Movie Night, and vote to legalize gay marriage. We don't taunt Glen, or his family. And we certainly don't waste our wine, even on Tanya.

I'll drink to that.

My favorite part of Glenn's 12-minute drone about the evening's event: He accuses people of applauding when the movie was over (because he and his family were leaving). Um, Glenn, that's what people do when movies end. They clap.

Here's Beck's story:


Do you think Glenn Beck and his family sat through a dangerous, hostile situation so they could watch a movie to prove a point or is his story cockamamie?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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