Sarah & Bristol Palin Give Each Other Good PR

Bristol and Sarah Palin make quite a pair. In the past week, the two have been piggybacking on one another, using each other's names to get more publicity. And now Bristol is using the publicity from her book to "tease" at her mother's potential presidential run.

The 20-year-old single mom/reality star/writer told Fox News that her mom knows her decision, but that: "Some things just need to stay in the family."

And those "some things" clearly don't include the manner in which one lost their virginity, the first thing the father of your baby told you when you said you were pregnant, and basically anything that doesn't make you look perfect and someone else look like they victimized you. All of this can be read in Bristol's memoir Not Afraid of Life, My Journey So Far. She is open about the fact that she wants to see her mother run for president. Awesome.


Honestly, it's hard to know what's uglier between a woman who uses her drama-filled pregnant teenage daughter to gain publicity for her potential presidential bid or one who writes a dubious memoir at the age of 20 in order to make extra money, get more famous, and cash in on her famous mother's potential presidential run. But these two come from the same family, which makes it all the more appalling.

Until recently, Bristol Palin has always seemed like someone who was sort of thrust unwillingly into the spotlight, but was allowing it to stay because she genuinely wanted to help others. But now, it seems she is either a victim of her mother's desperate ploy to stay relevant or she is as much a fame-seeker as her power-hungry mama.

Between the movies, the books, the reality shows, and the front page of every newspaper and website, the Palin saturation is becoming a bit intense. They are like the Hilton sisters of politics -- fabulous to look at, full of drama, and unable to explain to anyone just why they are so famous.

Both have become so adept at building on one another's fame that their co-dependence is almost amusing. Could one survive without the other?

At a certain point, we will expect a potential presidential candidate to say something of substance, and when that moment comes, my guess is Sarah will be left in the dust. But until that moment, we all will have to put up with the mother and daughter tag teaming one another to build their "brand" of fame and fortune based on saying almost nothing that really matters.

What do you think of the Palins?

Image via ABC

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