Tau Day Will Never Be as Cool as Pi Day (VIDEOS)

tau dayIf you thought today was just a regular old Tuesday, think again. It's Tau Day, everybody! Remember learning about Tau in high school algebra? Me neither, but according to my research, Tau is the circumference divided by the ratio, and it equals 6.28, hence our "celebration" of Tau Day on June 28. So we honored Pi Day on March 14, and now we have to recognize another math day? Come on.

All this math talk is making me dizzy and I'm starting to think that we really don't need two math-centric holidays within a span of four months. Am I right?! One is plenty. So that's why I'm refusing Tau and from here on out will only recognize Pi Day.


Pi Day is way cooler. First of all, I think more people know Pi than they do Tau. And if we're going to dedicate days to the celebration of these numbers, I think we should go with the one that's more recognizable.

Secondly, Pi reminds me of pie, and who doesn't like to be reminded of a delicious fruit-filled dessert? Tau reminds me of Taoism, which isn't terrible, but it makes me feel guilty for not leading a life of higher consciousness. Dessert vs. guilt? Pi wins again.

Third of all, Pi sounds better when put to music. (God love the nerds out there who translated the decimals of Pi and Tau into notes and played them on the keyboard.) So when you listen to them, you'll hear that Pi is just way more interesting than Tau. Try to ignore the awkward glockenspiel and pay attention to the piano -- you'll see what I mean.

And lastly, Tau is just two times Pi. That's like celebrating Valentine's day, again, on April 28. Would that make people happy? I don't think so. Tau is nothing without Pi, and where I come from, there's their heir and the spare ... Tau is the Harry to Pi's Prince William. We really don't need two.

So in nine months when Pi Day rolls around, I'll, you know, send out my Pi greeting cards and draw some circles with a compass. But Tau Day? I choose not to celebrate.

The exciting Pi!:


The lame Tau:

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