Glenn Beck Is No Friend to the Midwest

Glenn Beck only has four days left on Fox, but he seems determined to make them count. Today he accused New York Times columnist David Carr of saying the kinds of things that lead to death camps. For once, he would have almost had me, until he decided to take it too far.

On Bill Maher's June 24 show, Carr said that those who live in the middle of the country are "Low-Sloping Foreheads." He is a snob, that much is sure. He is also wrong. Many of the middle states -- like Ohio, for instance -- are very divided politically, which means there are equal amounts of those Carr would dismiss as Neanderthal and those he would consider intelligent and progressive like himself.

Beck took him to task for these comments and rightly so. To summarily dismiss one entire portion of the population is to prove yourself a giant, obnoxious snob, which is everything many people think the writers at the New York Times are anyway. Nice work, Carr.


And yet, as usual, Beck takes it too far. Rather than just accuse Carr of being a snob, which he so clearly is, Beck had to take it to the next level and accuse him of saying that all "low sloping foreheads" ought to go to death camps. He said:

These are the kinds of words that... always lead to mass death... why not kill the low-sloping foreheads?

Wow. He almost had me on his side and then he had to pull out the genocide references. Carr is a snob, no doubt, but he is not advocating for eugenics. He made a major mistake for which is sorry. In fact, yesterday he tweeted:

To all of America, at least the middle place that I come from, I apologize for saying something so, so dumb on Bill Maher last night. #choke

The guy is sorry. He is not advocating for death camps. He is a run of the mill, urban snob who thinks he is more sophisticated than those in the middle of the country. Having grown up in the Midwest and known and seen many amazing, intelligent and talented people come out of the Midwest (um, including Carr), I can attest to the fact that he should have known better.

He's a snob, but let's not make a mountain out of a molehill Beckers. He will get his, no doubt. It was an idiotic gaffe, but the better tactic might have been to rise above, to let his stupidity speak for itself. Instead, Beck got down in the mud and rolled around, too. Now they both just look like pigs.

Do you think Beck was out of line?


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