Wimpy Cops Arrest Mom For Squirting Them With Breast Milk

Stephanie RobinetteWe all know what breast milk can do for babies. And now, thanks to a lactating mom who had a wee bit too much to drink at a family wedding, we know that breast milk can be used to keep the cops off your back. It seems breast milk can be an official weapon. At least that's what the cops who arrested Stephanie Robinette are saying after she sprayed them with her boob juice while allegedly resisting arrest.

But you know there has to be more to this story. Robinette was apparently drunk. Hey, it's a wedding. It happens. Especially when you're a breastfeeding mama -- how often do they get out?


Cops were called when Robinette locked herself in a car after the celebration, and her husband told the deputies she wouldn't come out. So did they let the poor lady just stay in there and sleep it off? Oh no! They kept demanding she come out. When she refused, they got all handsy and tried to physically remove her. At which point she used the only thing she had left in her arsenal -- her boob. She whipped it out and started spraying.

Now Robinette has been charged with assault along with a list of other charges. Sigh. Of course it's a bodily fluid. And since the AIDS scare of the '80s, the threat of what bodily fluids can carry has terrified emergency workers -- and rightly so. I can understand where the cops are coming from. If you don't know what's in the milk, you don't know what sort of disease you're encountering. Moms have sued hospitals when their babies have been breastfed by the wrong mother for precisely that reason.

But ask a breastfeeding mama who's at her first big function away from the baby what it's like to be full up on milk. I've seen some of them give, for lack of a better word, milking demonstrations. They can shoot their breast milk feet without even trying! It just gushes. So you get where I'm going with this, don't you? It could happen to anyone . . . almost.

So take to mean "doesn't get out much away from baby." She's at a wedding. She has some drinks. And she's alone in a locked car. She's not driving. She's not endangering anyone. In fact, she was not breaking any laws until the cops came along and decided to mess with her.

And the fact is, Robinette had been away from her baby for hours. She had full boobs that were ready to burst. She was drunk and cranky, and when she finally got some alone time without someone screaming Mama, Mama, those cops were all up in there knocking on the doors and saying, "Come on out Ma'am!" I think I'd have shot them with my milk too.

Ultimately, she acted like a drunk and made a mistake, but should the cops give this lady a break? Did she really assault them with her breast milk or was she put in a bad position?

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